Michelle Malkin BLASTS Liberal Media’s Reprehensible Covington Coverage – Gives Shout Out to Gateway Pundit Writers (VIDEO)

Author, investigative reporter, TV contributor and blogger Michelle Malkin joined FOX and Friends on Thursday morning to discuss the reprehensible and irresponsible reporting on the Covington Catholic pro-life boys in Washington DC.

This was an excellent segment by Michelle Malkin on the ongoing cultural crisis in America today between patriotic, God-fearing Americans and the anti-American filth on the left.

Michelle also gave a shout-out to the writers at The Gateway Pundit on our coverage of the Covington media deception.

Michelle Malkin: Well Steve, I think this was probably the most extreme and viral moment of media manufacturing of claims of racism that I’ve seen in the 25+ years that I’ve been documenting these kinds of hoaxes that are stoked by liberal journalists with an agenda. What is that agenda? It’s far greater than just hating Trump or trying to turn a red hat into some sort of symbol of patriarchal or white supremacist impression. It’s much bigger than that… And it makes me so sad to hear the accounts of these kids and their families who were under siege by so many people especially those blue-verified check-marked people on Twitter who continue to spew hatred and so any vile threats without any kinds of consequences… I really do believe the Covington Catholic hoax to be a cultural Rorschach test… Political correctness is a pathological condition… The problem is that when you look at the cross-benefit calculation of manufacturing these kinds of hoaxes there is just so much of a strong incentive to keep lying because nobody ever gets punished. That’s why it’s so important that we have grassroots independent journalists out there holding these so-called professionals in the liberal media accountable… Again, that’s why we have to thank the people out there who put their necks on the line to show the whole truth, to spend the two hours watching the full video context of it. So there were grassroots people on social media. Blogs that have been mocked over the last 15 years because they’re not “credentialed journalists.” And definitely a shout-out to people at Gateway Pundit, people like that who were on this very early.

Thank you, Michelle!

Via FOX and Friends:


Michelle also tweeted very kind words on Gateway Pundit writers Cassandra Fairbanks, Cristina Laila and Jim Hoft on Wednesday.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for her kind comments.

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