Libs Can’t Stop Owning Themselves! The Left Attempts to Push Another Out-of-Context Video Clip of Covington Boys — From Someone With a Ton of REALLY Racist and Homophobic Tweets

The left can’t stop owning themselves with this Covington Catholic story.

On Monday evening, the deranged journalists and celebrities that are hellbent on destroying these teenagers — despite their story being proven false — found another out-of-context clip of the students in Washington, DC.

The eight second video shows a group of boys in red hats shouting “MAGA,” in a way that seemed like someone had perhaps just insulted them for supporting the president. Having not learned their lesson about out-of-context footage, the left begin breathlessly retweeting the video and the woman’s claims.

The woman claimed that the boys, who she insists are from Covington Catholic, just randomly started yelling MAGA at her, and that she didn’t provoke them — sure.


“This video is short because we walked by and were surprised to be yelled at. I took my phone out to send it to my friends back home for a laugh. I simply could not ignore the media saying they were provoked so I posted it,” she claimed.

Since this girl wanted some attention — she got it — and it turns out their new golden girl has a serious problem with racist tweets. Twitter sleuths quickly uncovered a sordid history of this blonde, white, girl — who is being frenziedly promoted by verified liberals — using the N-word.

She also doesn’t like black or Asian babies.

Here’s how she feels about Mexicans:

“Linds” also has some opinions about women’s bodies.

Oh, and she has no problem with homophobic slurs.

While she is attempting to quickly delete the extremely offensive tweets, screenshots are forever.

POLL: Should The Covington Students Sue The Mainstream Media For Defamation?

Someone please tell the Dems to stop hitting themselves and leave these boys alone.

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