Liberal Darling Montel Williams Calls for Violence Against Conservative Woman — Keeps Twitter Account

Laura Loomer and a group of illegal aliens showed up to Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley, CA lawn and set up a sanctuary camp on Monday.

Loomer and gang set up a canopy on Pelosi’s lawn with the word “Immorality” emblazoned in red letters.

Loomer attached photos of Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens, including Kate Steinle, to the canopy. 

Loomer and her illegal alien friends were later deported from Pelosi’s residence.  Pelosi does not allow illegals at home only in your home.


In response to today’s action liberal darling Montel Williams called for violence against Laura Loomer.

He wants her hit with a taser.

Of course, Montel Williams gets to keep his Twitter account after calling for violence against conservative activist Laura Loomer.
Laura lost her Twitter account for reporting the truth on far left Democrat representatives.

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Update: Montel did not like us calling out his violence issues…

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