Unhinged Lead Singer of Metalcore Band Screams at Young Teen Concertgoer in Trump Shirt – Then Berates Him on Social Media After Concert (VIDEO)

The lead singer of the Australian metalcore band Amity Affliction had an extreme case of Trump Derangement Syndrome at their Las Vegas show over the weekend. Joel Birch targeted a 17-year old fan in the middle of the concert, shaming him for making people “feel uncomfortable” for simply wearing a jersey-type shirt featuring President Trump’s name and the number 45.

Birch’s expletive laden rant lead to fan Degan Palmer fearing for his safety as he was surrounded by a mob of drunken Trump haters. In an exclusive statement to The Gateway Pundit, he explained the ordeal. Palmer described the concert as his “dream concert”, where he even got to crowd surf as one of his idols rocked the house.


In an exclusive statement to The Gateway Pundit, 16-year-old Palmer explained the ordeal.

Palmer described the concert as his “dream concert”, where he even got to crowd surf as one of his idols rocked the house.

“As I was in line for the concert, this dude, who is somehow relevant to TAA because he has been in multiple posts of theirs, came up to me and said “let me take a video of your shirt” and said “who’s man is this” in the video. We then went and watched all the opening songs and then TAA came on. My life was never happier because they were my dream concert. Me and my friend decided to crowd surf. After the surf, we were in the very front of everything and that is probably when Joel saw my shirt.

It could’ve been from the dudes video also. Then after he sang the song Pittsburgh, he stopped the music and talked about how “his music is trying to unite us and my clothing is trying to divide us” and that I’m making people very uncomfortable and that I’m not welcome in his venues. He talked about how “he wants everybody to feel safe and free in their environment” and ended his little rant by saying “if you wanna wear that shit, and you wanna walk around and make other people uncomfortable because you hold a certain set of beliefs about other human beings, please leave that shit at the f***ing door, or go home.”

It made me feel annoyed because it showed how one of my idols, is so immature and childish, that he would call out a paying and supportive fan, who has done nothing inappropriate, and tell him that he isn’t welcome to see his shows. I was put in an awkward situation because I didn’t know what to do because he basically put a target on my back for all the drunk Anti-Trump people. Thankfully, a few big guys came to me and told me that they respect me for wearing a shirt that has my president’s name on it and they made sure we got out of there safe.”

Birch went on to attack the young teen on Twitter, posting conspiracy theories from Anti-Trump fans who also engaged in targeted harassment against Palmer. It’s highly unlikely that Twitter will take action to suspend Birch or his followers for launching a campaign of targeted harassment the high-school aged fan who still had a great time despite the meltdown from Birch.



“For him to call me out on Twitter was very amusing to me. The fact that he is so childlike to rant and rant about a 17 year old on Twitter was HILARIOUS! He can have his own opinions on politics and I don’t care. But the fact that he is giving me crap for supporting Trump when he isn’t even a U.S. citizen was very funny to me and many other,” Palmer explained.


Hat Tip Red Pill Mike.

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