Kentucky Governor Weighs in on Media Slander of Covington Children: “None Are More Intolerant Than Liberals”

The liberal media branded a group of innocent Catholic boys in MAGA hats at the March for Life in Washington DC as hateful racists.
The media ran with the false narrative that the children abused and harassed the Native American who was beating a drum in a kid’s face.

The entire media narrative was incorrect and manufactured but the liberal mainstream media didn’t care.
The children received numerous violent death threats and the school faced threats of shootings and bombings.

The the liberal media narrative completely collapsed because every detail of the story was inaccurate.
But the media didn’t care. The Trump supporting children had their lives ruined and that was the intention.


On Tuesday Jill Hamlin, a mother and chaperone for Covington Catholic High School, went on FOX and Friends on Tuesday morning to tell the real story of what happened to the high school boys at the March for Life last week in Washington DC.

Hamlin said the boys were targeted because of their faith, their pro-life stand, their support for President Trump and for the color of their skin.

POLL: Should The Covington Students Sue The Mainstream Media For Defamation?

On Tuesday Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin also weighed in on the controversy.
Governor Bevin accused liberals of being the most “intolerant.”

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