JUST IN: House and Senate Pass Spending Bill to Reopen Government Through February 15

On Friday evening, the House and Senate passed a short-term continuing resolution (CR) to reopen the government through February 15.

President Trump announced from the Rose Garden Friday afternoon that he would be reopening the government without funding for the border wall.

The stopgap spending bill with fund the Department of Homeland Security but does not fund the border wall.

The government was partially shutdown for 35 days after Democrat leaders sparred with President Trump over border wall funding.


On Thursday, a report from CNN claimed the White House is drafting an emergency order to include $7 billion for the border wall.

President Trump addressed his decision to reopen government Friday night on Twitter and said it was in “no way a concession.”

The President added that if no deal is done within 21 days, it’s off to the races.

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