Jerome Corsi and Attorneys Refer Gateway Pundit Reporter Cassandra Fairbanks to Mueller Special Counsel

On Wednesday Gateway Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks appeared with Jerome Corsi attorney Larry Klayman on Newsmax TV with John Cardillo.

The interview was explosive and can be seen here.

Following the interview conservative activist and author Jerome Corsi contacted The Gateway Pundit and demanded Cassandra retract her comments and apologize.
Jerome also threatened to contact the Mueller Special Counsel and press charges against The Gateway Pundit if Cassandra did not retract her allegations against Mr. Corsi.

We spoke with Cassandra about the seriousness of the threats last night.


On Thursday afternoon Jerome Corsi notified The Gateway Pundit that attorney Larry Klayman referred the Cassandra Fairbanks Newsmax interview over to the Office of Special Counsel for Review.

Anyone who reads this publication knows that Cassandra Fairbanks is a close friend of Julian Assange and a long-time supporter of Wikileaks.

The Mueller team has yet to contact and/or interview Wikileaks or Julian Assange who both have intimate knowledge of the leaked Podesta emails.

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We spoke with Cassandra Fairbanks this afternoon.
We will post any future developments.

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