IGNORED BY LYING LIBERAL MEDIA: KY High School Kids Say Native American Man Banging Drum Walked Up and Got into Our Friend’s Face (VIDEO)

A New Low by The Far Left —

The same far left media that ran with the junk Buzzfeed report on Friday is now smearing a group of pro-life high school kids in MAGA hats.

On Friday a group of pro-life high school boys who attended the March for Life went to check out the Lincoln Memorial.

While standing at the memorial a group(?) of Native Americans were beating drums at the public memorial.

One man, reportedly a Vietnam veteran, got up in one boy’s face and started screaming and beating his drum.
The video is going viral.


The children were chanting their school song.

The native American man APPROACHED the kids!

More video shows the elderly man beating the drum in the child’s face.

On Saturday the fake news media blamed the children for harassing the Native American man.

(Obviously, from the video the reverse is true — but we are talking about the fake news media.)

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Now the left is blaming Trump and screaming holy hell at the high school children.

The Native American man, Nathan Philips, said he was upset because he heard children yell build that wall.(?)
(They were chanting their school cheer.)

And now this…

The high school boy was doxxed by the liberal fascist mob.

The boys are from a Catholic HIGH SCHOOL in Kentucky — this is all over the media today!

Daily Beast doxxed the high school.

The liberal media and top Democrats lied about these children and then doxxed them and their school!

Now this…

On Saturday the children exchanged text messages with Joey Salads.

The children said the Native American man with the drum approached them.
The only harassment was from the Native American man.
This is evident from the video.

Joey Salads posted this on Twitter:

The media continues to lie about this incident and put these kid’s lives in danger.

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