HUGE!… INDIANA MOTHER: My 15-Year-Old Daughter in MAGA Hat Was ALSO HARASSED by Nathan Phillips at March for Life!

On Friday, a group of high school boys from Kentucky went to the Lincoln Memorial after attending the March For Life.

While standing at the memorial a Native American activist, Nathan Phillips, approached the boys and started harassing them.

Phillips, reportedly a Vietnam veteran, got up in one boy’s face and started screaming and beating his drum inches from the boy’s face.

Phillips also has a history of setting up similar incidents.

Phillips’s story continues to evolve and change as more information comes to light.

According to one of the children present, “We weren’t even chanting at him, we were chanting at the African American guy, but obviously social media made us look bad to get views and stuff,” a witness said.

Video shows the children were not chanting, “Build the wall!” as Nathan reported.

The children have received death threats by violent leftists following this incident.

Now this…
Nathan Phillips threatened a 15-year-old teenage pro-life girl before he harassed the high school boys!
Hat Tip John Cardillo

The girl’s mother, Karen McNelly, posted this on Facebook:

My 15 year old daughter (a MINOR) was at the March for Life. She was wearing a Trump 2020 hat. She witnessed the balding Native American Indian ADULT male behaving in an intimidating way. He tried to approach while beating his drum. However, my daughter’s terrified reaction was not what the lying, liberal media wanted to capture. So the ADULT Native American Indian male grabbed his drum and drum sticks and moved onto intimidating the teenage boys (MINORS) from Covington Catholic. The boys reaction was one of amusement not fear. So the media posted this story. The media is not only twisting the story, they are encouraging the intimidating, threatening and bullying of ProLife, CONSERVATIVE CHILDREN.

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