Holy Islamic Cleric Approves Wife Breastfeeding Husband During Foreplay

Another problem solved.
Egyptian cleric Mohammad Al-Zoghbi finally answered the age-old question, “Is it OK to suckle your wife in Islam?”

Now we have the answer.

Mohammad Al-Zoghbi: Is it permissible for a husband to be breastfed by his wife? Let’s say that a husband suckles on his wife, during foreplay… Of course, there is no shame in talking about these things. Let’s say that he swallows some milk and it gets into his stomach… Does his wife become forbidden to him, like his mother? Some fossilized fanatics tend to say so, but this is nonsense, of course. When we deal with this kind of question, the rule is that the husband may enjoy his wife however he pleases. The only things that are forbidden are those prohibited by Allah: anal penetration and sex during menstruation or after giving birth. Apart from those things, everything is permitted by Allah.

Thank goodness.


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