Hah-Hah! Trump Dunks on Jim Acosta in Oval Office: “Good Job, Yesterday! I Appreciate it!” (VIDEO)

CNN’s Jim Acosta was in McAllen, Texas on Thursday where he made a fool out of himself as he walked along part of the border that was walled off, mocking President Trump and claimed very few aliens illegally cross over.

President Trump also traveled to McAllen, Texas Thursday to meet with border patrol agents about the ongoing crisis at the border.

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Jim Acosta posted a series of videos and tweets to his Twitter account arguing that a border wall is not needed because there is no problem with illegal immigration in the Rio Grande Valley.

In one video, Acosta said,

“And here are some of the steel slats that the President’s been talking about, uh, right here. Uh, as you can see, yes, you can see through these slats to the, uh, other side of the U.S.-Mexico border. Uh, but as we’re walking along here we’re not seeing any kind of, uh, imminent danger, there are no migrants trying to, uh, rush toward this fence, uh, here in the McAllen, Texas area. A matter of fact there are some other businesses behind me along this highway. There’s a gas station, Burger King and so on. Uh, but no sign of the national emergency that the President has been talking about. Uh, as a matter of fact it’s pretty tranquil down here.

President Trump dropped in and slammed Acosta — “Dear Diary…” Trump tweeted over jackass Acosta.

Trump tweeted that out last night.

On Friday, during questions with White House reporters, President Trump heaped praise on CNN’s Jim Acosta for supporting his stand on the border wall, “Good job yesterday, I appreciate it.”


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