Hah-Hah! Buzzfeed Hack Anthony Cormier STILL Stands By His Junk Russia Story After It was Debunked by Mueller on Friday (VIDEO)

Buzzfeed hack Anthony Cormier told CNN on Sunday morning he stands by his junk story.

Dormier told CNN his deep state sources STAND BY his sources.

It is likely liberal hacks on the Mueller team were the source of his leaks.
They leak anything that would be damaging to the US president.

They are attempting a coup.


Mueller debunked the Buzzfeed story on Friday night.
But Cormier and his boss Ben Smith STILL STAND by their junk report that Donald Trump told his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to investigators about a fantasy hotel in Russia that was NEVER BUILT!

Cormier says, “My sources are solid!”

Via Reliable Sources on CNN:

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