Gay Conservative Milo Seeks Political Asylum In USA, No Longer Feels Safe In Islamized Britain

In an op-ed published on David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine, provocateur and best-selling author Milo Yiannopoulos announced that he has consulted with an immigration attorney and will be seeking asylum in the United States.

Yiannopoulos is a native of Great Britain who recently married an American citizen and become eligible for a green card.

From Milo’s FPM op-ed…


In 2015, I wrote the column that secured my place in the pantheon of Right-wing hate figures: “I’m A Gay Man And Mass Muslim Immigration Terrifies Me.” Shortly afterwards, I left London, disturbed by the state of my capital city and hoping that with a megaphone in America I could sound the alarm about European Islamization. But the cancer has further metastasized. Although I have since married an American citizen, and am therefore eligible for a green card, I am applying for asylum in the United States. It’s the only way to be sure I never have to return to a country with so many citizens eager to see me imprisoned or dead.

Muslims in the UK have the most bigoted and barbaric values of any Islamic community anywhere in the West, and their reactionary social attitudes aren’t restricted to homosexuality. Only three per cent of British Muslims believe any sex outside marriage is morally acceptable. One in twenty Muslims in Britain say they sympathize with suicide bombers. A third believe that men should be permitted multiple wives. 39 per cent agree that “women should always obey their husbands.”

Over the past two years, Yiannopoulos has become a recognizable star of conservative counter-culture in America and beyond. He’s been banned by Twitter and de-platformed from crowdfunding sites for speaking out against the Islamization of the West. Despite the constant onslaught from unkempt feminazis (his term) and the mainstream media, he has not relented one bit.

He publicly rejects the overwhelmingly homophobic and violent sexual nature of Islam that has infected his homeland…

But their loathing of gays is universal, and absolute. Muslims living in the UK have “zero tolerance” of homosexuality, according to the Left-wing Guardian. Not one of the 500 Muslims interviewed for that 2009 Gallup poll said they found it acceptable. (By contrast, 35 per cent of French Muslims are relaxed about les pédérastes.) More British Muslims believe the earth is flat than are chill about having a pair of queens move in next door.

Half of all British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal, and a quarter of them want sharia law instituted in the UK. Those numbers come from another progressive source: A poll for Left-leaning broadcaster Channel 4, conducted in 2016. And their social attitudes are getting worse, not better, over time. More recent polling shows that the rise in religious observance among Muslims is “particularly evident” in those aged 16 to 29.

I know all this is true because I’ve seen it. I’ve been yelled at and spat at in the street. I have friends—lifelong Labour voters—who have been assaulted by Bangladeshis in public parks because Muslims hate dogs and lose their shit if your pooch takes a crap outside. In east London, you can’t buy alcohol after a certain time in many liquor stores because the Muslim minority, which is disproportionately unemployed and living in “affordable housing” paid for by the taxpayer, whip up letter-writing campaigns to make life difficult for anyone selling booze. In Stepney, one residents’ association had to reschedule a summer fete so as not to clash with Ramadan—and were then bullied into making it alcohol-free by Muslim neighbors who didn’t even show up.

Muslims with extreme, hateful views about gays and horrible opinions about women would be an irritant and not a menace but for the fact that they are routinely insulated from criticism by a politically-correct media elite that scoffs whenever you mention the appalling social problems that spring up, as night follows day, whenever the area hits a certain percentage of Islamic residents. When a government report meekly suggests that people living in Britain should take an oath of allegiance to British values—basic stuff like not murdering your neighbors or throwing acid in your ex-wife’s face—the press smears it as having the “tea-and-jam-sandwiches stench of neo-Imperialist fascism.”

And in typical form, Yiannopoulos mixes humor with stark truths to make a point about why his case for asylum should be taken seriously based on the current narrative surrounding the ‘mythos’ of asylum seekers wanting to make the United State their home. However, as Milo rightly points out, he is not “HIV+ drug-dealing transsexual prostitute from Tijuana who fancies a change of scenery and a welfare check”.

“It turns out that persecuted people come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve consulted an immigration lawyer, and he says it’s worth a try. With my intersectional identity and marginalized status as the target of an oppressive, violent, reactionary Right-wing patriarchy, surely I’m exactly the sort of person the asylum process was designed to protect.”



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