For Shame! Atlantic Council to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Khomeiniist Regime in Washington DC With Iranian FM Javad Zarif

Guest post by Iran analyst Banafsheh Zand

Javad Zarif and John Kerry

Javad Zarif has come to be one of the most recognizable faces of the Khomeiniist regime. His swagger exhibits his aspiration to high office. Having also lived abroad for several decades, Zarif is regarded by many Westerners, as a more sensible and worldlier personage; he certainly comes across as more relatable to Westerners, than the musty old Mullahs and their IRGC goons. Over the years, Zarif has mingled in major international settings and has made plenty of power contacts, many of whom have eventually become collaborators.


Zarif’s veneer however is reserved only for allies such as John Kerry and Frederica Mogherini to name a couple. A majority of Iranians actually regard him as an ambitious ‘captain’ of the regime that has peddled big lies, the world over and threatened one and all, in order to stay in power. The mantra of the Kerrys and Mogherinis is, for all intents and purposes, forget what the Iranian people want and allow the Khomeinist regime to run rampant around the globe, because “America…or any other outside force for that matter does not do regime change very well.” As if the Iranian people asked the international jet-set politicos who make huge messes in their wake in their own countries, to get involved.  Iranians have stood up to this regime decade after decade, making it crystal clear through relentless and courageous protests, that they want nothing more than to be (and can be) the architects of a progressive Iran.

Like everything else, Tehran’s overall approach to leaders of other countries, international bodies, etc. has been either one extreme or another; if the charm offensive does not have the desired effect, throw a tantrum and adopt the intimidator stance. These days with the ever escalating and relentless demonstrations against a regime that has run its course, Zarif is not hesitating to threaten and intimidate; he either meddles in other countries or accuse their leaders. Slowly however, he and the rest of Tehran’s chain of command, are being called out by world leaders who finally recognize their behavior as unconcerned with international laws and the sovereignty of nations around the world.

To illustrate, last week, while in India he told the NDTV reporter: “I think it would be impossible to have a future Afghanistan without any role for the Taliban…”

The day after his interveiw, Waheed Omer, Afghanistan’s ambassador to Italy tweeted: “Our Iranian friends; we may or may not bring in Taliban. But thank you for your advice. To reciprocate, the neighborly goodwill, I call on you to share power with the Mujaheddin Khalq and NCRI, release Karobi and Musavi and make peace with Saudi. Because we believe it is good for you.”

Zarif’s comment is quite consistent with the agenda of a regime that clearly backed the Soviet-installed regime in Afghanistan. Iran under the Khomeinist regime was the only Muslim country to allow them to have an embassy in their capital. The Khomeinist regime’s authorities, and certainly Zarif being no exception, have always relied on – and have never been disappointed by – ir international amnesia.

Then on Friday, Secretary Pompeo announced that on February 13th and 14th, an international summit to promote stability and freedom in the Middle East, focusing on Iran’s regional influence, will take place in Poland.

In a matter of hours, Tehran had conveyed its protest message to the Polish Chargé d’Affaires, Wojciech Unolt, calling Poland’s willingness to host the event as a “hostile move”.  Zarif then followed the accusation with a tweet that partly read: “Poland Govt can’t wash the shame: while Iran saved Poles in WWII, it now hosts desperate anti-Iran circus.”

This time, Zarif was confronted by Iranians who deftly took him to task, for taking credit for the mandates of the Pahlavi dynasty’s Shahs, the very same kings whom he and his masters overthrew and claimed as “spreading corruption on earth.”

Zarif, who has been invited to join the Atlantic Council’s bizarre February 12th event that commemorates the 40th anniversary of the tyrannical regime, via Skype, is facing other serious problems inside Iran, as one of his advisors (who is also a member of the Islamic Parliament) is exposed for raping and then intimidating girl into suicide, to keep it all covered up.

Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland issued a response to Zarif’s office on Sunday, January 13th that read: “In our view, the international community has the right to discuss various regional and global issues and Poland – to co-organize a conference, whose goal is to develop a platform for actions promoting stability and prosperity in the Middle East region.

We now live in a world where a regime which indiscriminately imprisons, tortures and executes its own citizens, takes any foreigner who’s unlucky enough to somehow cross its path hostage, invades, terrorizes, manipulates and brazenly meddles in other countries (around the world), dares to lecture world leaders on how to conduct themselves.

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