FIRE THESE DANGEROUS LUNATICS: FBI Investigated Whether President Trump Was Russian Agent After Comey Firing (VIDEO)

Here’s this week’s Deep State leak—
Despite lack of proof Deep State operatives, the Democrat Party and their liberal media partners continue their lies that President Donald Trump and then candidate Trump was working with Vladimir Putin to disrupt the American political system.

The lie has worked well for the Democrats. Nearly half of America believes this outlandish fairy tale.

On Friday The New York Times published the latest Deep State leak that the FBI investigated Trump after he fired crooked James Comey.
The media wants you to believe TRUMP is a foreign spy and that crooked James Comey is a hero.


What evidence did they have to start such an investigation on the US president?

President Trump should shut down the FBI immediately.
They are a dangerous gang with unprecedented power.
They have completely lost the trust of the American people with their criminal conduct and partisan politics.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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