Failed Actor and Comedian Offers Bounty for Punching Pro-Life Catholic Teen Trump Supporter in the Genitals

Failed actor Ben Hoffman took to Twitter on Saturday to offer a bounty to his 82,000 followers for anyone who would punch a teen Trump supporter in the genitals.

The 44-year-old man was upset about the viral video in which a creepy old guy with a drum confronted a group of teenagers who were in DC for the March for Life. The students had stopped at the Lincoln Memorial — as most tourists do — when they were harassed by the man who began staring down one of the teens and banging a drum in his face.

Somehow, in the upside-down logic of the left, the child became the villain in this story — but imagine if a man in a MAGA hat had done the same to a group of liberals at the Women’s March.

The left promptly sprung into action, declaring that the teen is a “racist” and trying to dox him and his peers. We aren’t talking about random Antifa Twitter trolls — but verified celebrities and activist-journalists.

Shortly before 7 p.m., Hoffman, using an account for his alter-ego country music character “Wheeler Walker Jr.” tweeted, “If you know this little shit, punch him in the nuts and send me the video of it and I’ll send you all my albums on vinyl, autographed.”

When OAN reporter Jack Posobiec responded to the tweet advising him to delete it, Hoffman responded, “F-ck you. I’ll delete your f-cking ass you piece of sh-t.”

The tweets have since been deleted, but his account remains active.

Over on Instagram, Hoffman posted on his alter-ego account that his post was removed by the platform.

We reached out to Twitter for comment about tweets like these and the doxing being carried out by leftist journalists — but did not receive a response by time of publishing. We will update this if one is provided.


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