Democrat Menendez Spotted Partying with Bikini Girls in Puerto Rico During Government Shutdown

President Trump is working around the clock during the government shutdown trying to negotiate with Pelosi and Schumer to secure border wall funding.

The Democrats however, are partying at a beach resort in Puerto Rico on day 22 of the government shutdown.

This is the longest government shutdown in US history because Pelosi and Schumer refuse to compromise on a border wall — a wall they were in favor of only a few years back.

The Democrats don’t care about the 800,000 federal workers who are currently not receiving a paycheck.

Democrat Senator Bob Menendez was spotted hanging out with a bikini-clad “colleague” on the beach in Puerto Rico three weeks into the shutdown without a care in the world.

Fox News producer David McAlpine tweeted=> Spotted: Sen. Bob Menendez on the beach at a resort in Puerto Rico on Day 22 of the partial government shutdown. Reports say dozens of Dems are in PR for the CHC BOLD PAC winter retreat — including meetings on Maria cleanup, and a party with PR’s “Hamilton” cast.

Allegations that Senator Bob Menendez paid for underage prostitutes during his trips to the Dominican Republic plagued him for years. Prosecutors declined to bring charges related to the prostitution claims, although a bribery case was pursued against him and ultimately ended in a mistrial.

FBI agents raided the offices of an eye doctor suspected of providing free trips and even underage Dominican Republic prostitutes to U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez.

Prosecutors said the FBI was presented with specific corroborating allegations Menendez was paying for underage girls, yet he still got away with it.

Liz Cheney took a shot at Menendez and the Democrats for partying with the cast of Hamilton during the government shutdown.

President Trump fired off a tweet Saturday night and said he’s in the White House “waiting for Cryin’ Chuck and Nancy to call so we can start helping our Country both at the Border and from within!”

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