Covington Catholic High School Sends First Email to Parents, No Update on Protests at School, No Apology

Covington Catholic High School has sent their first email to parents about the incident that took place in Washington, DC.

The Gateway Pundit has obtained a copy of the email.

They did not apologize for throwing the students under the bus, or address the protests planned at the school by Antifa and other groups scheduled for tomorrow.

“The incident that took place at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. is being fully investigated by an independent third-party investigator. Based upon and following an investigation, we will be taking the appropriate action regarding this matter,” the email reads. “Please know that the administration is currently working with the Diocese, local police departments, and local authorities to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff.”

They also told the parents to contact local authorities if they receive any threats.

The mother of one of the students featured in the videos expressed dismay at the lack of apology and information about the protests.

“No apology. No explanation. No news on protests planned for tomorrow. No cancelling of school. Nothing,” she said.

The far-left radical activist group the “American Indian Movement” and Antifa have called a protest for Tuesday when the students are supposed to return to school.

The local Antifa group is urging “co-conspirators” to join them.

Two mothers that have spoke to The Gateway Pundit have both said they will not be sending their children to school tomorrow out of fear for their safety.


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