Congressional Candidate Wanted Illegals To Pay For Wall

Amid all of the controversy over building a wall along our Southern border to repel the invasion of criminal illegal immigrants and the current government shutdown, we find ourselves compelled to share a bold idea presented by a defeated congressional candidate who provided a simple solution to fund the wall.

Scott Sturgill, a Florida businessman who tried unsuccessfully to capture the GOP nomination in Florida’s 7th congressional district this past summer, crafted the idea of making illegal immigrants pay for the wall. In a time of surprisingly boring ideas and repurposed dribble from the past, it might just be the idea that could fund the wall and end the government shutdown.

Calling it his “Mix-The-Mortar-to-Fix-The-Border” plan, the legislation would force every adult undocumented immigrant to pay a fee of $2,000 that will go towards building a border wall with “big, shiny solar panels.”

PR Sturgill- Immigrants Mus… by on Scribd

According to a campaign release during the fever pitch of the 2018 summer primaries, Sturgill’s plan would have also doubled the size of ICE. The financial punishment was, in Sturgill’s words, restitution for the illegals crimes against American sovereignty.

“The Democrats want to abolish ICE- I want to double it,” says Sturgill. “And the people in our country illegally should be paying for it, not hard-working, law-abiding taxpayers. This plan will not cost actual Americans a dime. The illegals broke it, so they should pay for it. My plan will save billions on welfare, education, enforcement, prosecution, adjudication, and incarceration going forward.”

It would permanently ban illegals from ever seeking amnesty or a path to citizenship. “American citizenship is a privilege,” Sturgill argues, “not an entitlement. The point here is ultimately about security, knowing exactly who is in our country. Immigration should be safe, legal, and merit-based.”

The plan is simplistic and brilliant when you really think about it. Illegals don’t get citizenship or amnesty. It would raise tens of billions in revenue, more than enough to build the wall two or three times over. If President Trump and Republicans wanted to provide a compromise, they could start by levying the fee on the estimated 750,000 DACA recipients and earn a cool $1.5billion.

Bleeding heart liberals could donate directly to the fund to show how progressive they are, saving children of criminal illegals from paying for the sins of their parents. Just as the America First movement opens their wallets for veteran Brian Kolfage’s “Build The Wall” crowdfunding effort, the left could do the same and we could have a true bi-partisan solution to funding the wall.

Out of the box. A lofty idea. Sadly, Sturgill was defeated in a bruising primary by an establishment Republican backed by globalist elements of the Republican party. Here’s to hoping that some freedom loving member of the House Republican caucus re-purposes this idea as their own and BUILD THAT WALL.

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