Completely Clueless Sen. Lamar Alexander Praises Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama on Border Security (VIDEO)

Trump critic Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) went on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures on Sunday morning.

Lamar Alexander told Maria Bartiromo the government should never be shut down under any circumstance. Alexander also compared a government shutdown to a “chemical weapons” attack.

Senator Alexander also praised Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama for their border security efforts.

Alexander also admitted the committee looking at border security are going for comprehensive border security and amnesty.
Sen. Lamar Alexander does not care if President Trump honors his border security promises.
The man does not care if Trump and Republicans are wiped out in 2020.


The US southern border is wide open. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from dozens of countries cross into the United states each year.
What the hell is Alexander talking about?

This anti-Trump elitist is completely clueless to the will of the American people.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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