COMING THIS SUNDAY, MLK JR WEEKEND: #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka to Release: “The Great Awakening” – Breaking the Chains of the DNC

SUNDAY JAN 20th — Dr. Martin Luther King Weekend — WALKAWAY FILM RELEASE!

This Sunday, the #WalkAway movement will release a short film chronicling the exodus from the Democrat party that was sparked by Brandon Straka’s powerful testimonial about leaving the Democrat plantation that went viral on social media last year.

His call for action swept the nation, resulting in thousands of Democrats and progressives leaving the leftwing in the past, baring all in powerful video testimonials. #WalkAway would go on to organize a march in Washington DC attended by a sizeable host of red-pilled Americans wanting to restore our nation to its former greatness. Even President Trump tweeted about their efforts, who called the movement “very special.”

According to a release from #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka, the short film will sew together the common experiences of Americans as they navigate stirring and complicated issues such as indoctrination, the KKK, Planned Parenthood, the Obama years, the Trump years, immigration, and of course…walking away.

“For generations, the Democratic Party has kept large segments of Black America in economic disparity, trapped in a cycle of government dependence, and has kept this community isolated and mistrustful due to the blatant lies and deceit of the liberal media and the messaging of victim/oppressor identity politics which has become a ubiquitous marketing ploy for the Dems.

#WalkAway Campaign is releasing the world’s first “documonial” (a testimonial documentary) short film LIVE on Sunday, and in doing so we are helping to put an end to the generational destruction of the Democratic Party. This is the TRUE story of Black America told BY Black America. This short film exposes the real truth about American history, the KKK, Planned Parenthood, Obama, Trump, immigration, religion and faith, and why the brave Patriots in our film have woken up and walked away.

This documonial will be devastating to the narrative of the Democratic Party. It explodes generations of lies and myths. It is not just Black Americans, but ALL Americans who are waking up and walking away.

This Sunday, the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let’s all come together as Americans to listen to our fellow Americans tell THEIR story, and share it with everyone you know.”

“The Great Awakening: Breaking the Chains of the Democratic Party” will go live at 8pm eastern, and then to share the film the following day, MLK Day, Monday, January 21st all over social media. You can watch is first on Sunday evening at 8pm on the Walk Away Movement’s Youtube channel. It was made by filmmaker Mike Boss, who Straka met through the #WalkAway movement, who he calls a “patriot.”

It can also be viewed at Facebook @usminority or on their Twitter account @usminority.

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