Coincidence? Comey’s Former Assistant Went to Work for CNN — And CNN is Only News Org to Get Tip on Roger Stone Raid

Josh Campbell quit the FBI last February.

Then he wrote a Trump-bashing op-ed for The New York Times where he complained about people exposing the corruption and criminal acts by agency leaders.

It turns out this precious snowflake was crooked Cop Comey’s special assistant.

Josh Campbell later landed a gig with CNN as a law enforcement analyst.

On Friday morning CNN was the only news organization in the Miami, Florida area that was tipped off of Roger Stones pre-dawn arrest.

The entire predawn raid of Roger Stone’s home was captured by the anti-Trump channel CNN.

CNN reporter David Shortell told CNN hosts he had an intuition to get to Roger Stone’s house and set up his camera crew before the pre-dawn raid.

What a joke.
Shortell just happened to have his camera’s set up before the FBI arrived to arrest Stone?

John Cardillo pointed the connection between Comey and CNN this morning.

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