Chuck Schumer: “The American People Don’t Want Us to Give in” on the Wall and Border Security (VIDEO)

President Trump met with Democrat and Republican leaders Wednesday in the Situation Room at the White House.

The Democrat leaders came from the meeting and immediately spoke with their supporters in the liberal mainstream media.

Pelosi promised the keep the government shutdown over funding for the border wall.

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer then told the cranks in the media that Democrats will continue the shutdown.

Chuck Schumer: The bottom line is very simple. On our last meeting the president said, “I am going to shut the government down.” (not accurate but media won’t call him out on it). They are now feeling the heat. It is not helping the president. It is not helping Republicans to be owners of this shutdown. Today we gave them an opportunity to get out of that and open up the government as we debate border security. And to say to them because he says he won’t sign it and use the government as hostage, we should just give in. The American people don’t want that. That’s bad for our country and it’s not the way to govern.

But allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to roam the country is perfectly fine, huh Chuck?

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