BuzzFeed Floats Ridiculous Late Night ‘Trump-Russia’ Hit Piece – Claims Trump Directed Cohen to Lie to Congress About Moscow Project

BuzzFeed dropped some late night ‘Trump-Russia’ fake news after the media and Dems had a rough day dealing with ‘Air Pelosi.’

The latest fake news story from BuzzFeed has the Democrats and their stenographers in the mainstream media riled up and calling for Trump’s head.

BuzzFeed reported late Thursday night that according to law enforcement sources, Trump directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the proposed Trump Tower in Moscow.

Here we go again.


The Trump Tower in Moscow was never even built…

BuzzFeed reported:

Now the two sources have told BuzzFeed News that Cohen also told the special counsel that after the election, the president personally instructed him to lie — by claiming that negotiations ended months earlier than they actually did — in order to obscure Trump’s involvement.

The special counsel’s office learned about Trump’s directive for Cohen to lie to Congress through interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump Organization and internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents. Cohen then acknowledged those instructions during his interviews with that office.

Michael Cohen is not a credible witness.

Cohen was charged with lying to the Senate Intel Committee over his role in the proposed Moscow Trump Tower project and about the timeline. Cohen falsely represented to the Senate Intel Panel that the Moscow project ended in January of 2016 and that he never agreed to travel to Russia.

Now Michael Cohen is telling Robert Mueller that Donald Trump directed him to lie to Congress.

Cohen was sentenced to 36 months in prison in December, however, he won’t report to prison until March 6th. In the meantime Cohen is being squeezed by Mueller so the special counsel can turn the screws on President Trump.

When asked for comment, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told CNN, “If you believe Cohen I can get you a great deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.”

Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff jumped on this BuzzFeed News story and immediately attacked President Trump.

Schiff, who is now the Chairman of the House Intel Committee said late Thursday night that President Trump “may have suborned perjury” and his Committee will do what’s necessary to find out if it’s true.

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