Breakfast Is Served! Trump Chews Up Know-It-All Hack Jon Karl – Then Sends Him On His Way (VIDEO)

What’s for breakfast? Jon Karl.

President Trump Chews Up Jon Karl and Spits Him Out

President Trump welcomed reporters into the Oval Office on Wednesday morning following his address to the nation.
During the questions ABC’s Jon Karl thought he would tell tell the president how to do his job.


Jon Karl: So why not sign some of these other bills so some workers can get paid in government?…

President Trump: You think I should do that? No, do you think I should do that Jon?… I watch your one-sided reporting. Do you think I should do that? No, seriously Jon do you think I should just sign?… Tell me, tell me…

Jon Karl: I’m saying if you sign that these workers would start getting paid…

President Trump: So if you were in my position you’d do that? I’m asking you would you do that if you were in my position? Because if you would do that you should never be in my position. (laughs) Because you’d never get anything done. Thanks everybody!

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Via Stephanie Hamill:

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