Boom! President Trump: “We Are Doing a Great Job in Shutdown Negotiation” People Who Voted For or Against Me Are For It

American President Donald Trump spoke with reporters on a number of topics on Sunday morning before departing to Camp David.

The US government is now on 16th day of a partial shutdown.

President Trump told reporters the Supreme Court will hopefully not allow Obama’s DACA decision to stand.

The president says part of the surge on the border is his fault because the economy is so well today.

As far as the current shutdown goes the president believes he has the upper hand.

President Trump: I think we’re doing a great job with the shutdown negotiation. We have no choice. Look there will be, excuse me, I’m totally involved. I’m involved with principle because ultimately it’s going to be resolved by principle. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and myself can solve this in 20 minutes if they want to. If they don’t want to it’s going to go on for a long time. I will tell you this, if we don’t find a solution it’s going to go on for a long time… And those people who voted for Donald Trump, in a great election. Are for it. And let me tell you people who didn’t vote for Donald Trump are for it also.

Chuck and Nancy will be begging for the government to open in another week.
Trump should demand $10 billion before he gives in.

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