Bloody Decapitated Trump Head on Sword in DC Park Blocks From White House

A mock bloody, decapitated head of President Trump was put on end of the upraised sword of the Joan of Arc Statue in Meridian Hill Park in Northwest Washington, D.C., last Saturday according to several photographs posted online. The Trump head had red streamers coming down from the base to give the appearance of blood flowing to make clear the message of decapitation of the President.

Meridian Hill Park, also known locally as Malcolm X Park, is administered by the U.S. Park Service. The park is located about 15 blocks due north of the White House. The decapitated Trump head was not up all weekend, apparently, but long enough for it to be photographed by several locals.

The blog Prince of Petworth posted about this Tuesday.


The Prince of Petworth has a close up photo posted at his site.

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