Attorney David Wohl Offers Pro Bono Representation to Help Roger Stone Beat Robert Mueller

Guest post Jacob Wohl

Amid the predawn raid and arrest of Roger Stone based on a 7-count indictment of process crimes, Fox News contributor and attorney David Wohl has offered to represent Roger Stone free of charge.

In a clear message to Mueller, leaving the courtroom this morning, Roger Stone said “I will plead not-guilty. I will defeat them in court.”


David Wohl said: “I am admitted to practice in federal court and confident that a devastating blow can be dealt to the Special Counsel following this overzealous Bin-Laden-Style raid.”

Other expert legal and law enforcement observers have pointed out the over-the-top nature of Mueller’s SWAT Team raid of Roger Stone’s home. Stone himself described the raid as “terrorizing” his wife and his dogs.

It remains to be seen how CNN would have been aware of “activity in the grand jury”, when the grand jury proceedings are secret.

Roger Stone, when asked about the potential of cooperating with Mueller, told a press gaggle ”There is no circumstance under which I would plead guilty to these charges” or “bear false witness against the president.”

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