ANOTHER Liberal Media Lie Exposed: “We Build the Wall Campaign” Sees 60% Opt-In Rate — Over $12 Million for Wall in First Week

Private donations continue to stream in for the “We Build the Wall” non-profit organization.

As of today, almost 350,000 people have donated to the movement to fund the border wall.

Donations continue to pour in by the minute. Go to to track how frequently donations are coming in.

Private donors also continue to opt in on the new “We Build the Wall” project.
Nearly two-thirds of donors have pushed their donation over to the new movement.

On Tuesday at 11:30 AM the founder and organizers of the movement spoke with GoFundMe to get their updated numbers.

Donors behind approximately 12 million dollars opted in and less than $800,000 opted out of the project.
This was from an estimated 60% of respondents.


The news one week ago was 20 million cancelled by GoFundMe as reported by the mainstream including FOX News.

Six days later they were wrong by $12 million.
Plus the movement has a 92-94% ‘opt in’ versus ‘opt out’ rate with approximately 200,000 respondents out of 324,144 replying so far.
There are 75 plus days left to go to choose to opt in or opt out.

This is outstanding news!
The American people want border security and a border wall!
Thank you for your support for this cause!

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