After Adding Additional $500 BILLION to US Debt Each Year – Lunatic Fed Chief Powell Claims He’s “Very Worried” About US Debt?!!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The Head of the Fed, Jerome Powell, insists he is finally concerned about the size of the US debt.

This is after he and the Fed’s policies to increase rates over the past two years have led to nearly a trillion dollars in additional US debt!

The Federal Reserve has increased the US Fed Funds Rate nine times since late 2015.  This is after keeping the rates at 0% for 7 years under the Obama Administration.

Since President Trump won the election, the Fed has increased rates 8 times!


The rate hikes alone would indicate that the Fed is another far-left Deep State corrupt entity attempting to kill the US economy under President Trump’s term in office.

To hell with working Americans!

The problem with rate increases is that not only do they stifle the economy by slowing down industries like construction and home sales, but they increase the US debt as well.  Through a simple calculation of the interest rate increases over the past three years by the Fed multiplied by the size of the US debt, the Fed is now accountable for nearly $1 trillion in additional US debt because of its malicious and consistent increase in rates. 

To our shock, last week Fed Chief Jerome Powell finally noticed that the US has a massive amount of US debt.  However, he apparently isn’t bright enough to know that his rate increases have accounted for nearly $1 trillion in additional debt.  Or if he is, he’s not humble enough to admit he’s accountable for half of the US debt increase over the past two year.  (He also might just be arrogant, a Trump and US hater, and on a mission to destroy the US economy.)

When will someone step in and decrease rates so that the economy explodes, Americans begin making real money for their work and the amount of US debt begins to be addressed through a smoking economy?

This Fed Chief is a disaster and a lunatic!


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