Two-Level Justice System: Low-Level Businessmen Charged with Illegal Foreign Lobbying But Clinton Crime Syndicate Walks Free

Failing to register as a foreign agent and the Logan Act are only enforced on Trump supporters and Republicans — Democrats are above the law.

In fact hardly anyone is ever pursued by the DOJ for failing to register as a foreign agent; the charge is so rare that it has only led to one conviction in the last 40 years.

On Monday the corrupt DOJ went after General Flynn.

The Department of Justice charged two “Flynn associates” with alleged conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government and other charges.

The Deep State made sure these charges would be announced and linked to General Flynn ONE DAY before a judge Emmet Sullivan is scheduled to sentence the former Trump official for making a false statement to the FBI.

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and his associates were also charged for failing to file a FARA form but Tony Podesta, who lobbied the same Ukrainian businesses with Manafort was not charged for failing to register as a foreign agent.

Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State, John Kerry held secret meetings in May 2018 with Iranian officials to salvage Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Kerry was working against the Trump administration to salvage the Iranian nuclear deal so where are the indictments and charges against Tony Podesta and John Kerry?

But the worst offenders of all, the Clintons, walk free despite running perhaps the largest global money laundering scheme in DC.

Clinton Foundation whistleblowers testified to the House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations last week and revealed just how criminal and corrupt the Clinton Foundation is.

The whistleblowers, Lawrence Doyle of DM Income Advisors and John Moynihan of JFM Associates, argued that according to their research, the Clinton Foundation was operating outside of its bounds as a 501c3 non-profit organization and instead operated exactly like the global fund in Geneva, Switzerland by brokering money and pharmaceuticals.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked the whistleblowers to elaborate on their claims the Clinton Foundation was operating as an agent of a foreign government.

“They were brokering money and they were brokering pharmaceuticals — they were an agent of money through these donors, they would take a vig (fee), broker the money and then they negotiated these relationships with the pharmaceutical companies — by the same token they were brokering the pharmaceuticals and again taking the vig (fee),” Doyle said.

Mr. Moynihan then explained to Congressman Jordan that the Clinton Foundation became a hybrid of a private foundation and a public charity which they were not approved to do.

In a shocking admission, Mr. Moynihan said, “Our analysis shows that this hybrid modeled the global fund in Geneva, Switzerland.”

The Clinton Foundation was doing all of this and not paying the same taxes as they would had they been operating as a partnership which means they potentially misled the IRS.

We have no justice in this country when low-level businessmen are indicted for failing to file a FARA form but the Clintons who operate on a much larger scale with their Clinton Foundation and do much more damage walk free.

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