TRUTH: WH Deputy Spox: Mexican Government “Is Doing More to Protect American People than the Democrats” (VIDEO)

White House Deputy Spokesman Hogan Gidley went on FOX and Friends Saturday morning to discuss the latest Democrat shutdown.

President Trump promised to shut down the government if there was no funding for border security and a barrier wall.

The shutdown of 25% of the government workforce is now in its 9th hours.


Hogan Gidley: What he repeatedly has said is he demands some type of security for the nation. That includes a wall… What we have now is a government being shut down by a handful of Democrats who refuse to stand up and protect the American people… I’m less concerned about the political argument and more concerned about the American people and that’s where the president sits. I do think it should be noted. So many people didn’t cover this. The United States under Donald Trump’s leadership and also with help from Secretary Nielson entered into a deal with Mexico where people coming for asylum into this country through Mexico are now held in Mexico until their case is adjudicated in the United States. That saves America billions of dollars but it also shows us a coupe things. That the Mexican government is now doing more to help our immigration system and doing more to protect the American people than the Democrats.

Via FOX and Friends:

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