TRUMP UNLEASHED: ‘Force Leakin James Comey to Answer Questions Under Oath!’

President Trump lashed out at former FBI Director James Comey Friday evening over Comey’s refusal to cooperate and answer pertinent questions about FISA abuse and Russiagate in a closed-door interview on Capitol Hill.

Comey was not cooperating with GOP lawmakers on Friday and was told by his DOJ attorney not to answer many pertinent questions on FISA abuses and Russiagate.

Rep. Darrell Issa told reporters that James Comey is not answering questions – on issues like the start of the Russia investigation and the Carter Page FISA – at the direction of a Justice Dept. attorney who is accompanying Comey

“We absolutely need to get answers,” Issa said


President Trump was furious with the “bias and corruption” and immediately called for Comey to be forced to answer the questions under oath.

TRUMP: It is being reported that Leakin’ James Comey was told by Department of Justice attorneys not to answer the most important questions. Total bias and corruption at the highest levels of previous Administration. Force him to answer the questions under oath!

Comey remained defiant after his deposition and told reporters that accusations of FISA abuse are “nonsense.”

James Comey will be back for a second interview by the House Judiciary Committee on December 17th.

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