Top Generals Accuse Globalist Macron of ‘Treason’ Over UN Migration Pact – Say It Gives People More Reason to “Revolt”

Several top generals signed a letter accusing French President Emanuel Macrons of treason this week after he signed on to the UN global migration pact. The new UN law gives economic migrants the same rights as refugees.

Europe has seen an influx of millions of migrants in the last several years.

The generals say the president’s actions gives the United Nations even more control over the people of France.
And the generals agree it gives the people more reason to “revolt” against their globalist leader.

Gas tax riots ripped through France this past month after Macron announced a new global warming tax.

Voice of Europe reported:

General Antoine Martinez has written the letter signed by ten other generals, an admiral and colonel, and also includes former French Minister of Defense Charles Millon.

They’ve given strong warning that Macron’s signing the U.N. Global Migration Pact strips France of even more sovereignty providing an additional reason for “an already battered people” to “revolt”.

The highly decorated military co-signees assert that the beleaguered Macron is “guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation” for signing the migration pact without putting it to the people.

“The French state is late in coming to realize the impossibility of integrating too many people, in addition to totally different cultures, who have regrouped in the last forty years in areas that no longer submit to the laws of the Republic,” the letter advises, also saying that mass immigration is erasing France’s “civilizational landmarks”.

The pact, which has been protested in the Yellow Vest demonstrations in five countries, was signed by 164 nations, most against the will of the citizens as stated in dozens of country specific petitions, on Monday in Marrakech.

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Macron attended the protests earlier this month. He later scrapped the exorbitant global warming gas tax he implemented.

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