The Modern Day Book Burning: Gavin McInnes Banned From Google-YouTube, Last Place He Had to Defend Himself

Comedian and political commentator Gavin McInnes has now been banned from YouTube — leaving him without any platform to defend himself from the leftist smears targeting him and his family.

On Monday, YouTube deleted McInnes’ account that had roughly 220,000 followers. It was first reported by the Daily Beast — of course, as the activists who write there have been largely leading the deplatforming movement.

YouTube claims that his account was removed for copyright infringement, but no further explanation was provided.

McInnes, who lost his job at CRTV this week, was already banned from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

“It’s all part of a concerted effort to completely deplatform me,” McInnes told The Gateway Pundit. “YouTube was the last place I had to defend myself.”

Prior to this modern day book burning, McInnes had been using YouTube to attempt to fight back against the leftist smear campaign against him.

“My ‘quitting the Proud Boys’ video explained my side and helped exonerate them. It had almost 500K views. It’s gone now,” McInnes said.

Recently, there was a campaign of fake news claiming that the Proud Boys, a social group founded by McInnes, had been designated a hate group by the FBI. It turned out to be false. The Gateway Pundit immediately questioned the narrative being pushed, but we were the only site to do so.

You wouldn’t know it from liberal reporting on the Proud Boys, but the group, and McInnes, have repeatedly made it clear that white nationalism is not permitted within their ranks. In fact, the group was strictly warned that any member who attended a white nationalist or “Alt-Right” event, such as Unite the Right, would be promptly banned.

“The club started as a joke because the 24-year-old virgin who worked for me refused to quit porn. It’s based on a song from Aladdin. It’s basically the Fraternal Order of Water Buffalo that Fred and Barney were in,” McInnes told the Gateway Pundit at the time, referencing the Flintstones.

The Proud Boys are known on the right for being fierce defenders of the right of Trump supporters to rally and gather without having to fear for their safety. McInnes and the Proud Boys personally escorted this reporter into the 2016 Deploraball after my description and photo was placed on a target list by the same group who recently terrorized the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“The only time they’ve been violent is when they’re attacked. They NEVER go to Antifa events. It’s always radical leftists coming to their events to hassle them,” McInnes said of the group. “There is ZERO association with white nationalism and the club has spent a fortune taking legal action against anyone who says it is.”

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