Ted Malloch: The UK Is in Total DIS-MAY

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of Davos, Aspen and Yale

In just one short week the UK and its Prime Minister, aka Terrible Theresa May, have accomplished things never done before in all of long British history.

And that’s all negative.

She finalized negotiations on a Brexit ‘withdrawal agreement’ with the EU that capitulates and basically surrenders UK sovereignty, potentially divides the country, leaving Northern Ireland out in the cold, and pays the EU some 40 Billion pounds sterling—for nothing but a screw job.

She was voted in ‘contempt of Parliament,’ the first time ever in history — for trying to avoid giving that body the legal advice on her agreement.

She was challenged by her OWN Conservative Party and forced to have a humiliating reselection to remain as leader, where a third of her elected backbenchers voted — against her.

That’s a ringing endorsement.

She won only because she promised not to run for office, again.

Eight of her cabinet members have resigned in the last fortnight alone, unable to support her or her policies.

She has gone back to Brussels now after pulling a vote in Parliament to approve her plan, which was doomed to defeat – asking, really begging, in her weakened state, for more concessions or assurances so that the bill might garner greater support.

It won’t!  The numbers are just not there

May has been a calamitous failure, a gross incompetent, and an embarrassment to the British nation

Even Donald Trump has mocked her repeatedly saying, the deal is a “Great one for the EU.

The leader of the Conservative, European Research Group, MP, Jacob Rees-Moog, has demanded today she simply resign (as others before her like Tony Blair, John Major and even Mrs. Thatcher did, under such dire circumstances.

Theresa May has recently been called in the British papers, “the worst Prime Minister in all history”, “the poorest negotiator on record”, and one headline this morning read, “Remainer MUST Leave.

She is the butt of many jokes and rhymes

One commentator says, “May’s govt is a festival toilet on wheels careening down a hill toward a children’s face painting booth.

And this is a tame one.

As an ardent ‘Remainer’ during the 2016 Brexit referendum, which side lost—she NEVER should have been made Prime Minister.

It was like trying to put a square peg in a proverbial round hole.

What comes next is anyone’s guess.

The bookmakers are now giving good odds on their being no Brexit at all.

Some are demanding a second Brexit vote—since democracy didn’t work the first time!

The pound UK currency is dropping like a stone.

One of the pundits called her “pyrrhic victory a catastrophe for the UK.”

May-be Boris Johnson, the colorful former Mayor of London, and one of May’s challengers to be Prime Minister put it best?

He said, the Brexit deal being pushed by Theresa May is an “S & M approach to Government” — one of those mystifying perversions like wanting to be “locked up in chains.”

Watch her LIVE here on BBC:


Guest post by Ted Malloch author of Davos, Aspen and Yale

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