Ted Malloch: The Junk Dossier and the Real Russia Collusion

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

Going back decades and decades Russia has indisputably tried by every means possible to gain

an advantage over its foreign adversaries.

Remember the Cold War? The spy movies and Mission Impossible?

This occurred regularly (not just in movies) during the entire Soviet communist experience and has truthfully been carried over after the Cold War, ended.

The government of Russia has used intelligence, information, disinformation, scandal, threats and espionage to achieve ends that amount to — political blackmail.

In fact, it is a well-known Russian trait—a way they conduct business.

“Blackmail” is demanding money or favors from someone in return for not revealing compromising information about them.

The offense is criminal. It is a payoff.

Since it employs coercion to obtain an end it is blatantly illegal.

As a form of extortion, blackmail, has long been used in politics and international affairs.  It is all about a suspicious claim that a person has hanging over their heads.

Crime syndicates to extract money, wrongful deeds, and other illegal activities, have used such information to leverage opponents and adversaries.

The same can be said in politics, both domestically and internationally.

The act is all about intimidation.

It is a notoriously “dirty business.”

Blackmail means—paying a tribute for protection. In other words, it is a racket.

The practice originally meant payments rendered by settlers in the counties of England bordering Scotland to chieftains in the Scottish Lowlands, in exchange for protection from Scottish thieves and marauders into England.

The offense of blackmail is ensconced in the US legal code by 18 U.S.C. § 873 which provides:

“Whoever, under a threat of informing, or as a consideration for not informing, against any violation of any law of the United States, demands or receives any money or other valuable thing, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

Was Trump being blackmailed?

Or was the attempt a bogus attempt to color the Presidential election and its outcome?

That Russia would try and infiltrate an organization, political party, or government is nothing new. They have messed in elections many times before, particularly in Europe.

In a sense such attempts would be expected rather than at all exceptional.

Collusion however exists not on the part of the interfering party but when the party engaged accepts the offer and partners to “collude” in a given purpose.

Collusion is by definition, secret agreement or cooperation especially for illegal or deceitful purposes acting in collusion with the enemy.

The Trump – Russia dossier, created by Christopher Steele, a former foreign intelligence agent, using uncorroborated and unverified Russian sources, paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, funded through a Democrat law firm, and paid to intelligence operatives at Fusion GPS, tried to establish both the particulars of compromise and the acts of collusion they suggested were embedded in the Trump campaign.

Steele has himself now confirmed to a British court that he worked for Hillary’s campaign “to frame Trump.” He took money after the 2016 election to provide more “fake dirt.”

That sounds like the real collusion.

Recall it was this dossier that was used to get the FISA court warrants to spy on Trump and his campaign.

But the real question is not just about various Russian attempts at disinformation and harm to American democracy.

The more important question is was the dossier true—based on facts or was it a bag of fiction for another purpose?

No ‘smoking gun’ has been found to date in trying to establish Russian collusion with Trump in the 2016 election.

Much effort, time, and cost has been expended to investigate and publicize the matter but nothing hard has been turned up.

Allegations do not a case make; any more than do excuses by the losing side in an election that had

such a surprising result.

Hillary Clinton has given some 39 excuses for why she lost and the most prominent and often repeated by a chorus of Democrat politicos and talking heads is: The Russians.

Russia, Russia, Russia — reverberates almost daily on all the mainstream media talk shows.

As their case falls apart the investigation turns elsewhere but one nagging question still demands to have definitive answers.

What was the role of the Clinton campaign and of Hillary Clinton herself in the Russia collusion?

Did they, with Obama’s help, and the subterfuge of the DEEP STATE even concoct it? Fabricate the web of deceit?

Did they use it as an excuse for a miserable defeat?

The answer to all these questions is more and more apparent for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear….

Ted Malloch is the author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

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