Stunning: AP Shows More Decency to Communist Killer Fidel Castro than George H. W. Bush in Death

This is a “non-biased” news outlet in America.

The Associated Press showed more decency to a mass-murdering tyrant than to the 41st President of the United States in death.

Here is how the AP described Fidel Castro.
“Fidel Castro, who defied US for 50 years, dies at 90 in Cuba”


And here is what they said about George H. W. Bush.
“George H. W. Bush, a patrician New Englander whose presidency soared with the coalition victory over Iraq in Kuwait, but then plummeted in the throes of a weak economy that led voters to turn him out of office after a single term, has died. He was 94.”

This is why no one trusts the fake mainstream news anymore.

Via Chet Cannon:

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