Rudy Giuliani on Whether Trump will Sit Down with Crooked Robert Mueller: “Over My Dead Body”

Chris Wallace invited Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on his FOX News Sunday program this morning to discuss the latest developments in the Mueller witch hunt.

Wallace asked Rudy if President Trump will ever sit down with Mueller.

Rudy Giuliani’s response, “Over my dead body.”


It’s a good thing Rudy is paying attention after news broke this week about how Mueller and his corrupt attorneys set up General Michael Flynn and then squeezed him and threatened his son.

No one in their right mind WILL EVER trust the FBI or DOJ in this country again after this criminal Trump show trial.

FOX News reported, via Free Republic:
Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told “Fox News Sunday” that President Trump will sit down one-on-one with Special Counsel Robert Mueller “over my dead body” amid bombshell new revelations in the false statements case against ex-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, whom Giuliani said was “railroaded” and “framed.”

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