Reps Goodlatte and Gowdy Send Letter to Acting AG Whitaker – Request Special Counsel to Investigate Trump/Clinton Investigations

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Republicans in the House of Representative once again asked for a Special Counsel to investigate the mishandling of the Trump/Clinton investigations.  Will Acting AG Matt Whitaker now listen?

On Friday, December 28, 2018, representatives from the House sent a letter to the Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and others to investigate the actions taken by the DOJ/FBI related to the Clinton and Trump investigations.

In the last paragraph to the letter, the outgoing Reps state that they believe that a Special Counsel should be created to investigate the actions by the FBI and DOJ related to the Clinton and Trump investigations before and after the election –


It’s long overdue for a report to be sent to the DOJ with such a request but then again, it was only going to be ignored by former AG Sessions.  Let’s see what actions Whitaker takes.

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