Red Francis: Western World Has “Moral Responsibility” to Let in More Migrants

On Thursday Pope Francis weighed in on the migration crisis facing the West from third world countries.

Red Francis called on Western nations to open their doors to the flood of economic migrants from corrupt, poor regimes.

This pope appears to put no thought into his touchy-feely far left positions.
Voice of Europe reported:


“It is the “moral responsibility” of the outside world to accept even more migrants,” Pope Francis explained in a speech on Thursday.

This year it is 70 years since the globalist organisation that is the UN adopted the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

It was for that reason that Pope Francis urged the outside world to open its doors to even more migrants.

He referred to the declaration’s recognition that all human beings have “universal and indivisible rights”, which are the basis for “justice, freedom and peace in the world”.

According to the Pope, it is everyone’s responsibility to deal with the consequences of war, poverty, inequality and mass migration.

“No solution to the global issue of mass migration should ignore our moral responsibility for the common good, to welcome, protect, promote and integrate those who knock on our doors to find a safe future,” he continued.

At the same time, the morals among his close advisors aren’t exactly impressive. This past week, three cardinals have left the Pope’s most important advisory body, the Council of Cardinals.

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