Rand Paul Takes Savage Shot At Elizabeth Warren During Festivus Airing Of The Grievances

Ahh yes, it’s that time year of again. Where families gather ’round the smartphone or laptop to scroll through Rand Paul’s twitter feed during his annual Airing Of The Grievances. A Festivus tradition, Senator Paul has taken to the twittersphere every year to air his grievances with numerous government agencies, his colleagues on Capitol Hill, the President, and other political figures and causes.

For 2018, Paul started off with pointing out how WRONG liberals were when they swore Trump would drive us into WWIII.

Instead, Trump has ended wars and brought us peace with the Korean peninsula. And somehow liberals are against that.

Rand Paul then launched into usual government waste posts.

In fact, he posts and entire Festivus Waste Report on his official Senate webpage.

He continued on by taking a savage shot at faux Indian Elizabeth Warren, while standing next to what appears to be a shoddy teepee:

Giving credit where it’s due and criticism where it’s due, Paul praised Trump on some things, criticized John Bolton, and talked about his bipartisan efforts with Cory Booker on criminal justice reform and hemp legalization.

In addition to his annual Festivus tweets, Rand Paul made a similar stand earlier in the year during a budget debate, and pointed out several examples of how government is blowing millions of dollars are useless programs.


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