Pelosi Mocks US Open Borders with Mexico — Says Trump’s Plan is a “Beaded Curtain”

The Democrat Leader is now mocking US open borders.

Pelosi jabbed President Trump on Christmas Day calling his security plan a “beaded curtain” on the border.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) mocked President Donald Trump’s changing version of his border wall, calling his latest iteration a “beaded curtain” in an interview with USA Today.
This is a far left HuffPost article on Yahoo and the AP.
Trump insisted throughout his campaign and during much of the last nearly two years as president that the wall would be concrete. Now he’s talking about a “slat fence” made of steel or a “steel slat barrier” which he proclaimed will be “artistically designed” and “beautiful.”

The Angel Families whose children were killed by illegal aliens don’t think it’s funny, Nancy.
They want the government to protect American families.


The real ‘joke’ is if President Trump pushed a “beaded curtain” Democrats would oppose that too!

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