PATHETIC. It’s This Bad — Hillary Clinton Entices Possible Donors with Broadway Plays and Chardonnay

Hillary Clinton is desperate to stay relevant after her crushing 2016 election loss — but she is struggling to draw crowds because Americans are sick of the Clintons.

The Clinton Foundation is drying up since the Clintons no longer have any power to peddle – donations have plummeted 90% following Hillary Clinton’s departure from the State Department.

Hillary is now pushing donations to her PAC Onward Together which she founded in 2016. Donations must be abysmal because she is enticing potential donors with a Broadway show and some booze.

“Join Hillary Clinton for a Broadway Play and Chardonnay” — all you gotta do is donate to to her PAC Onward Together for a chance to win!

  • Meet Hillary Clinton in NYC to share in one of her favorite pastimes—seeing a Broadway show
  • Get to know Hillary over the drink of your choice (hers is chardonnay!)
  • Be flown out and put up in a 4-star hotel

By donating or entering, you agree to become a member of Onward Together.

A $2,500 donation gets you an autographed copy of her book of lies titled “What Happened.”

A $5,000 donation gets you an autographed copy of Hillary’s 1995 speech delivered to the United Nations and a $20,000 donation gets you a meet and greet opportunity with Hillary.

The Clintons have resorted to hawking tickets to “An Evening with the Clintons” on Groupon for 60% off which is a sign their days grifting are numbered.

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