Ouch! Trump Blasts Obama Hack McGurk and Little Bob Corker in Same Tweet

President Trump on Monday slammed Brett McGurk, the Obama holder-over who very publicly announced his resignation on Friday with an attack on President Trump.

McGurk was a long-time Obama adviser on Iraq which turned out to be an historic failure and complete global disaster. The Middle East and Europe are still suffering following that foreign policy nightmare.

Obama appointed him to his ISIS ambassador after the Islamic State took over most of Syria and Iraq.

McGurk was scheduled to retire in February. He put in his resignation early to pile on President Trump.
Good riddance.

On Monday President Trump took a swipe at McGurk, his failed policies and little Bob Corker, the anti-Trump Republican who is retiring in January.


As a reminder — Barack Obama sent the Khamenei regime a pallet of unmarked bills in the dead of night in exchange for US prisoners.

Obama also gave the killer regime billions of dollars to sign his junk nuclear deal.
It was one of the worst deals ever made.

The Iranian regime was so proud of themselves they posted the video.
The liberal media ignored this video from Iran.

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