Ouch! DHS Obliterates #FakeNews CNN on Their Bizarre Segment Downplaying Terrorists at the US-Mexico Border

On Tuesday, during their contentious “discussion” inside the White House, President Trump told open-border Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that DHS recently arrested “10 terrorists” at the US border.

Democrats do not want to protect the US with a border wall. Pelosi says it’s immoral and she will keep government closed forever rather than fund a border wall barrier with Mexico.

Following the White House blowout — CNN jumped in to attack President Trump.


CNN reporter Jim Sciutto claimed President Trump has twice used the threat of terrorism to justify the wall. Sciutto then added, “Facts supplied by DHS don’t back that up.”

CNN is REALLY pushing for an open border!

That’s when DHS jumped in to drop a truth-bomb on CNN and Jim Sciutto. DHS prevented “3,755 known or suspected terrorists” from entering the US in 2017.

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This had to hurt!

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