Oops! China Announces First Big Soybean Purchase!… But CNN Ignores the News in Attempt to Trash Trump

On Wednesday China announced they would start purchasing US soybeans following a hiatus due to trade negotiations.

Peter Navarro, President Trump’s Director of Trade and Industry, told FOX Business Network on Thursday morning that China purchased US soybeans this week.

This is great news for US farmers.

Navarro went on to say the only thing that can mess up the US economy is not China but interest rate policy. The stock markets are down over 2,000 points and hundreds of billions of dollars since Fed Chairman Jerome Powell started spouting off on interest rates on October 3rd.

Unfortunately, not everyone received the news on the soybean sales.

CNN eagerly published a hit piece trashing President Trump on soybean sales on the same day China announced the major trade news.

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