Oh Great, Trump’s Attorney General Pick Seen Pictured with Crooked Cop Robert Mueller

President Trump announced on Friday morning he will nominate William Barr, a former Bush attorney general, as the next Attorney General of the United States.

FOX Legal expert Gregg Jarrett warned the president on Thursday that Barr is an “establishment insider.”

Barr worked for George H. W. Bush.
He is a DC insider and has worked with crooked cop Robert Mueller.

There is however a bit of hope for this latest Trump pick.


Barr refused to appoint a special counsel in the Iraqgate scandal under Bush Sr.’s administration.

Esquire reported:

It was suggested that the Poppy Bush administration was helping to arm Saddam Hussein’s Iraq through a complicated scheme involving allegedly misused U.S. agricultural credits and a corrupt bank in Atlanta. This was somewhat embarrassing to Bush, as his administration was being accused of helping build the war machine that he’d sent American troops to destroy in Kuwait. The House Judiciary Committee asked that a special counsel be appointed. William Barr, then the Attorney General, refused to do so.

(Earlier, Barr also had refused to appoint a special counsel to look into the monumental money-laundering operation of the Bank of Commerce and Credit International, a massive scandal that only then-Senator John Kerry had the stones to take on.)

We will know within the next 24 hours on where Barr stands.

If the liberal media and Deep State players go insane we will know he was a perfect pick.

If we hear nothing from the corrupt media we will know we are doomed and the shadow government in Washington DC will continue.

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