Mueller Witness Credico Joins Maduro-Backed Russian Propagandist for Puff Piece Interview

Abby Martin’s Empire Files, originally funded by the brutal socialist regime of Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro, has returned after losing access to dirty money from the regime due to U.S. sanctions against Venezuela.

After a forced hiatus due to her funding being cut off following U.S. sanctions against Maduro’s brutal socialist “utopia”, former Russian propagandist and RT reporter Abby Martin has re-launched her Empire Files docu-series with discredited Mueller witness Randy Credico.

The nearly hour long interview was a veritable puff-piece from Martin, who has a past of 9/11 trutherism and accusations of toeing the Kremlin line from her former colleagues at Russian broadcast network RT.

It features many bizarro-world moments for both Martin and Credico, opening with the failed comedian’s outrage over people’s resistance to his penchant for anti-Semitic jokes, which you can see below.

Credico goes on lobbing fantastical allegations against Roger Stone, who has stated that Credico was his go-between for communication with Wikileaks during the 2016 election cycle. Text messages reported by multiple news organizations prove Credico’s role as a back-channel for Stone, though the comedian claims the communications were edited with no proof or push-back from the Kremlin-linked Martin.

The collusion between Martin and Credico in the extremely awkward interview leaves many wondering when the mainstream media and Russophobic Democratic party leaders will air their outrage. After nearly two years of rallying against Putin’s Russia, here you have a chief witness for Robert Mueller’s Russiagate investigation appearing with a Russian propagandist, yet not a peep from the progressive left.

Though Martin has launched a Patreon crowdfunding account for her cash-strapped docuseries in the aftermath of Trump’s sanctions on wire-transfers originating from Venezuela, it is unknown who provided the funds for her to get back in the game.

Considering her previous links to Russian news outlets and documented history of espousing Krelmin-backed talking points on geo-political issues, one has to wonder how Martin is funding her continued broadcasts.

Watch the entire interview below.


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