Major Clinton Donor Slams Socialist Path For Democrats

John Morgan, an uber-wealthy personal injury attorney who was once a major donor for the Clinton and Obama clans, sees France’s riots over fuel taxes as the doomed future of the Democrat Party.

By Jacob Engels

After years of hosting swanky fundraisers in the Central Florida mansion, John Morgan officially exited the Democratic Party last year after the brutal defeat of his onetime benefactor Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections. Morgan, who spent decades raising tens of millions of dollars for the Democrat party and top-tier candidates, railed against the DNC’s incompetence and bolted to become a registered Independent.


The former moneyman has since spent most of his political capitol levying lawsuits against Florida’s Governor Rick Scott to allow smokeable medicinal marijuana in the state, which legalized medical marijuana in large part to Morgan’s checkbook and efforts in 2016. At one point, he even considered running for Governor as an Independent, earning praise from Trump ally Roger Stone. Morgan ultimately decided to skip a bid for high-public office in 2018.

With France on fire over the increasingly socialist policies of President Emmanuel Macron, Morgan posted on his Facebook profile several days ago that riots in “socialistic France” demonstrate exactly why Bernie Sanders idea of a Democrat-Socialist America will never work and a main reason why he abandoned the party he helped build.

This bold personal display against the new rise of socialism within the Democrat Party by a former high-level funder is nothing short of devastating for the future of the party. Morgan was never a fire-brand progressive, but a Kennedy’esque stock of Democrat that is more and more unwelcome in the modern Democrat party that pushes for political violence from groups like Antifa and total abandonment of American ideals for socialism dressed up as idealism.

While many Democrat leaders seem content with the shockingly un-American move towards a globalist state with no sovereignty and censorship en masse, it’s possible that their still may be hope for America if more Democrat operatives, funders, and elected officials reject the new norm of socialism before Americana.

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